EcoCork Underlay Solutions by Ecopaint Corporation

EcoCork Underlay Solutions

ECOPAINT Corporation develops 3 types of cork underlay solutions.

  • EcoCork Insulation Rolls
  • EcoCork Insulation Sheets
  • EcoCork screed Insulation

EcoCork Insulation Rolls & Sheets

EcoCork Underlays are made out of natural cork – an excellent raw material suitable to be installed under almost any floor covering with significant improvement at thermic and acoustic levels.

When compared to synthetic materials, cork becomes the right choice when looking for a solution that guarantees a viable performance but also the welfare of future generations. EcoCork Underlay provides more comfort, protection and longevity to the final floor.



EcoCork Screed Insulation

EcoCork Screed Insulation is able to maintain its thermal and acoustic performance throughout the years. Cork’s unique physical structure makes the product a very efficient acoustic insulator.

The same physical structure confers to cork materials the ability to be systematically compressed and then regain its shape and form to almost 100% of the original size.

For sizes or specially tailored specifications, please contact us using the form on the contacts page or leave a comment bellow.

EcoCork Underlay Solutions by Ecopaint Corporation

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