Recycled Rubber (Sidewalk)

  • Recycled Rubber (Sidewalk)

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Recycled Rubber (Sidewalk)

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

Portuguese Eco-sidewalk is a product consisting of recycled and/or virgin rubbers in the form of granules that are later agglomerated to the shape of the mould by means of elastic binders.
Taking into account its characteristics, this product thus becomes a piece of collective security equipment.


  • Impact Absorption
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Non-slip
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Reduced maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Standardization of drawings
  • Due to the nature of the material, it will hardly be used for the practice of vandalism
  • Signalling of obstacles to the blind


  • Recycled tire rubber SBR
  • EDPM Rubber
  • PU binder resins

White; Eggshell; Beige; Yellow; Bright yellow; Bright Green; Green; Dark green; Bright blue; Blue; Blue Dark; Rose; Lilac; Bright Orange; Bright Red; Red; Brown Clear; Brown; Grey; Medium grey; Grey dark; Black.

Length: 500mm +/- 2%
Width: 500mm +/- 2%
Thickness: 15; 20; 25mm

Weight: 5Kg (tolerance +/- 0.3)
Dimensional Stability:

  • 6h at 180 ° C: Logitudinal <0.15%
  • 6h at 180 ° C: Perpendicular <0.15%

Toughness: ≥60
Resistance to Abrasion:
Weight loss after 1000 cycles:
Resistance Slipping: ≥0.8
Color Stability:

  • SBR (ASTM F 1514): <0.8
  • EPDM (EN ISO 2015-A02): 4-5

Load Limit Static: ≥250 Psi
Chemical Resistance:

  • Acetic acid – 5%
  • Isopropyl alcohol – 70%
  • NaOH – Sodium Hydroxide – 5%
  • Chloride HCl- 5%
  • H2S04 – Sulfurous acid – 5%
  • Bleach – 5.25%
  • Disinfectant cleaning -5%
Recycled Rubber (Sidewalk)
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