Cellulose blow-in insulation is a thermal insulation made from cellulose fibres which is produced from newspaper in an optimal recycling process. 

Therefore, the raw material is wood, the excellent properties of which have been known to us for centuries. The newspaper is delivered pre-sorted, is roughly torn, mixed with mineral salts and ground in a mill. 

Production is subject to strict quality standards and undergoes internal and external quality control to maintain German, Austrian and European technical approval.


  • Non-toxic;
  • Excellent protection against high temperatures;
  • High acoustic insulation;
  • High fire-resistant;
  • Humidity regulator;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Fast application.


This technique is used in closed interiors between pillars, hidden ceilings and visible ceilings. The projection is made in a damp, through a special gun that activates the adhesive properties of the cellulose fiber.

Insulation technique and cavities or hollow spaces. The cellulose fiber blows into the hollow space forming a joint-free insulation, well laid, and perfectly fit.

Insulation on blanket
It is mainly used for insulation in attic or plate coverings. The insulation is mechanically extended throughout the roof, creating continuous insulation without clipping.

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