Second Life

reduce REUSE – recycle

Giving a second life to a product is saving natural resources necessary for the production of new ones, it is an act of conscious consumption.
Buying second-hand items is a great way to be sustainable and help the environment. We can all do our part, it’s easier than we think!

Advantage of Second Life

Price is the first advantage 
Second-hand  products  almost always have a much lower value compared  to  with  the  market value.

Sustainability and circular economy
Buying second-hand is very responsible attitude as it prevents  the  production  and  transport  a 
new product, thus  saving CO2 in manufacturing  and  transport of new packaging. 

No Pollution
Growing and producing material generate   a   lot   of  pollution  to
the environment, including toxic chemicals, pesticides and carbon emissions. Second-hand products do not require energy to create. 

Extends the life of product
Reuse ensures that we use the products in their entirety.


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