The rock wool mortar is a rock wool and cement mortar, is the perfect building solution to provide an optimum thermal insulation.
Spray application allows a homogeneous coating avoiding heat bridges. Is incombustible, A1 classified as per standard UNE EN 13501 and has extraordinary sound absorption properties in an acoustic chamber.


  • Fire protection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic absorption
  • Homogeneous coating
  • Adapts to a variety of supports
  • Flexibility

Health and Safety

Rock wool mortar is manufactured with inorganic components such as rock wool, classified according to European Directive 67/548 CEE, as Xi; R.38 (health risk-free).
Likewise, it is neither toxic nor pathogenic, it does not contain asbestos or crystalline silica, and it is not affected by fungi growth.
The following considerations must be taken into account when handling rock wool mortar:

  • Wearing protective gloves to protect the hands is recommended;
  • Wearing tight goggles to protect the eyes is recommended;
  • Wearing anti-dust mask is recommended;
  • Respect the regular work measures.

Consult the safety data sheet for further information.

RockWool being applied

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