ECOPAINT Corporation


Cork Flooring

Excellent thermal and acoustical properties It is a floating floor with a double layer of ECOPAINT cork, ensuring all the benefits of Corktech technology that distinguishes ECOPAINT products.A product designed for those looking for an economically advantageous home floor.Its WPS (Wear Protect Surface) varnish gives the product class 23 strength (suitable for even large home […]


APPLICATIONS. EXTERNAL WALLS. The external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) is the optimal solution for the energy efficient and sustainable thermal insulation of exterior walls and/or cladding – in new construction as well as renovation. ETICS systems involve a multi-layer construction which is applied to the external façade. The individual components are designed to work […]

Floating Floor (Hydrocork)

Floating Floor Hydrocork is a low thickness floating solution 100% waterproof which means that it can be used in all areas including bathrooms and kitchens. An easy and fast to install floor due to its PressFit revolutionary compression system that functions like a cork stopper. The elasticity and resilience of Hydrocork’s cork layer creates a […]

Eco Corkjoint

100% NATURAL ECO PRODUCT Resin bonded Eco Corkjoint consist of extremely selected cork granules securely bound together by a synthetic resin of an insoluble and molded under heat and pressure. MAIN USES Essentially recommended wherever joints in concrete, brick or block work, require sealing and filling. Eco Corkjoint is a natural incorruptible and highly resilient […]


SUSTAINABLE ABSORBENTS 100% NATURAL The EcoSorb products are absorbents designed to deal with any kind of hydrocarbons, oils, solvents and organic compounds spills. Why use EcoSorb? 100% Natural, Sustainable and renewable – Special cork granules Production process: STRICTLY 100% NATURAL NO health risks – No additives, No toxic Instantly absorbs oils/hydrocarbons/chemical spills Super absorption capacity […]

Cork Stoppers

CORK AND WINE Cork and wine were really made for one another. Any time you share a glass of wine or when you open a bottle, there is a reunion ritual, sealed by a cork in which time and confidence have been invested and that crowns the perfect communion between the sophisticated creation of man […]

Cork Skin – Padded Chairs

Cork Skin product application    Cork Skin is a sustainable, innovative, flexible, durable and versatile fabric. It can be used in various applications and industries with features unmatched by other material.The ECOPAINT Corporation Cork Skin Collection allows you to have the natural touch coming from nature without any substances that could harm the environment or […]

Production of Waste Derived Fuels for Energy Generation

  Treatment Unit for Urban Waste and Production of WDF (Waste Derived Fuels) for Energy Generation LAYOUT (Between 7,000 to 10,000 m2 depending on interfaces and accesses)    PORTFOLIO in the field of Recycling and Recovery of Municipal Solid Waste Optimization of bulk waste selection Project Completion: 2015Location: Viladecans – Gavá (Barcelona) Recycled Glass Treatment UnitsProject […]

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