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  • Corkpro Finishes Paste

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Corkpro Finishes Paste (Exterior Walls)

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

The coloured finish made of cork (grain size 0 – 1 mm / 0 – 0.04 in), water-based resins, siloxanes and diatomaceous earth, with high thermal insulating properties, water repellent and breathable. An eco-friendly product, to finish new and old façades, thermal plaster (such as Diathonite Evolution), external thermal insulation and pitched roofs. It impedes the water absorption by the masonry and it extends the durability of the plaster.


  • Breathable
  • Water repellent
  • Suitable for cracked substrates, it avoids reinforced skim coat
  • Highly elastic
  • Ideal on cracked plasters
  • Excellent thermal comfort in combination with thermal plaster (such as Diathonite Evolution)
  • It avoids the development of moulds
  • Resistant to UV rays, atmospheric factors, industrial and marine environments
  • Thick application
  • “Tonachino” effect
  • Made of natural raw materials and LEED certified
  • Easy and quick to apply

Finish aspect: Matte
Colour: White
Density: 1.360 ± 0.02
Viscosity (KU at 20oC): 85 ± 10
VOCs (%): 32,0 – 32,4

The product is specifically designed to finish facades, old and new plasters, thermal plasters such as Diathonite Evolution (see technical data sheet), external thermal insulation or pitched roofs. It has excellent adhesion properties to any kind of substrates and it can be used in different situations: plasters, metal, wood and cement substrates. The product is suitable outside.

0.90 – 1.20kg/m in two coats – about 2 mm of thickness.
2.33 – 3.12 lb/ft in two coats – about 0.08 in of thickness.

The support must be completely hardened and resistant enough. The surface must be perfectly levelled, thoroughly clean, dry, without greases, oils, debris or detaching parts or other materials that may compromise the product adhesion.
In case of hydro-cleaning, wait for the complete drying of the support.
If the surface is crumbly in its entirety, totally scrape it until obtaining good support; restore lesions and damaged parts with suitable mortar.
Diathonite Cork Render adheres to different kind of supports without the need of a primer; it is anyway recommended to perform a test in order to verify the adhesion or the need to use a primer.

Corkpro Finishes Paste (Exterior Walls)
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