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is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

It is an anionic bituminous emulsion with fillers enriched with graphene, with a viscous consistency and cold application. It is formed by the dispersion of asphalt bitumen particles in water, with an anionic emulsifying agent and incorporation of mineral fillers.

Non Flammable | Not Fuel | Can be applied to dry or wet surface


  • Primer and preparation of porous substrates where asphalt or bituminous products are applied.
  • Primer layer in waterproofing systems for roofs, walls, and foundations with modified bituminous asphalt sheets.
  • Primer layer for roof rehabilitation with asphalt sheet finished in granules or slate.
  • Protection against moisture in extracts from concrete walls, walls, and partitions acting on the face in contact with the ground.
  • Preparation of asphalt mortars for plastering on asphalt waterproofing or as a leveling layer in slope formation.


Prior to application, the surface must be cleaned of dust, oil, grease, or any other material that may affect the normal application and fixation of the product. Do not apply if there is a risk of rain, snow, or strong wind on surfaces with water runoff.
Recommended application temperature > +5ºC, preferably between +10 and +35ºC. Homogenize the product before its application. Apply with a brush, roller, or brush.
The drying time is approximately 12 hours. The utensils used can be cleaned with water if the RENEW PRI has not cured, using commercial solvent, diesel, etc.


The containers will remain sheltered from the elements, protected from frost and strong exposure to the sun. Temperatures below 0ºC. can affect the quality of the product.
In these conditions and in their original well-closed containers, the storage time is approximately six months from the date of manufacture.




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