Cork Flooring

Excellent thermal and acoustical properties

It is a floating floor with a double layer of ECOPAINT cork, ensuring all the benefits of Corktech technology that distinguishes ECOPAINT products.
A product designed for those looking for an economically advantageous home floor.
Its WPS (Wear Protect Surface) varnish gives the product class 23 strength (suitable for even large home use) and 10 year warranty for home use.

A product with Corktech benefits

+ Silence

Act as a noise buffer between the floor and the rooms underneath and reducing the walking sound up to 53 %.

+ Natural Thermal Insulation

 Optimal floor temperature throughout the year which contributes to an overall comfort.

+ Walking Comfort

A unique comfort in movement, even when walking barefoot due to cork´s natural flexibility.

+ Impact Resistance

High shock absorber makes it a long life span flooring due to cork´s elasticity and compressibility.


Cork Flooring

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