Anti Vibration Cork

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Anti Vibration Cork

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

The Natural High Density Insulation Corkboard is a product designed to insulate vibrations, showing a higher volumetric mass.
This product is normally supplied on the following types (densities):

Type I – 175/190 Kg/m3   – (11/12 lbs/cu ft)
Type II – 210/222 Kg/m3 – (12/14 lbs/cu ft)
Type III – 240/255 Kg/m3 – (15/16 lbs/cu ft)
Type IV – 290/320 Kg/m3 – (18/20 lbs/cu ft)

Anti Vibration Cork under load

The deformation of the corkboard of higher density is brought about by the higher volumetric mass.
Deformation of the heavy density corkboard under load.

Volumetric mass: 170/320 Kg/m3
Thickness: 2,5 cm
Pressure: 1Kgf/cm2 – 1daN/cm2

Other sizes or specially tailored specifications can be developed to your specific requirements.

Anti Vibration Cork
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