Antibacterial Domestic Fabric Softener

  • Antibacterial Domestic Fabric Softener (30ml)

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Antibacterial Domestic Fabric Softener

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

Extremely effective solution for the elimination of bacteria and fungi. Prevent infections by preventing surface contamination. Neutralizes the odour. Does not induce microbial resistance.


  • Innovative and unique;
  • Long durability;
  • High efficiency;
  • Easy application;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Contains no heavy metals (eg silver);
  • Biocompatible;
  • Does not cause skin irritation;
  • Reduced cost;
  • Maximum benefit;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Health insurance (active principle approved by the WHO*);

Finish aspect: Not available
Form: Liquid
Colour: Yellowish
Odour: Characteristic
Density: Not available
Viscosity: Not available
PH value: Not available

Theoretical yield: 30ml/8kg
Recommended dilution: Add 30ml of antibacterial domestic fabric softener to 8kg of textile, in the softener compartment.
Recommendations: Wear personal protective equipment. Avoid breathing vapours, mists or gas. Ensure adequate ventilation.

Store in a cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Open containers should be carefully sealed and kept upright to prevent leakage.
Do not expose to direct sunlight.
The information contained in this data sheet is based on our best technical knowledge and the application conditions beyond our control.
The user alone is fully responsible for using the product correctly with regard to technical and working safety aspects.
Please read the “Safety Data Sheet” and take all due safety and environmental precautions.
The terms of this data sheet only provide the technical requirements of the product and do not create or infer any warranty, express or implied.

Antibacterial Domestic Fabric Softener

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Data Sheet Antibacterial Domestic Fabric Softener
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