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Eco Nature - olive pits

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

Olive pits are a by-product of olive oil production. Olive stone granules do not float and are a durable, temperature regulating material. To produce our olive stone kernels, the stones are carefully dried and then crushed (ground) to obtain a fine grain, making them suitable for creating decorative objects, among other applications. They are completely natural and environmentally “healthy”. They are completely biodegradable and do not pose any risk to our rivers or oceans.

100% Natural | Fire Resistant | Durability | Biodegradable | Safe for rivers or oceans


  • Durability
  • Optimal drainage properties
  • Compostable
  • The material does not float and is thermoregulatory
  • Granulometry: powder up to 2mm


Given its rigidity and shock resistance, it can be applied in furniture, wall and ceiling decoration, among many other applications.
At the moment we have 6 decorative plates for different applications.





Dimension: 27cm x 27cm x 2cm







Eco Nature – olive pits

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