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Eco Protect

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

Dirt repellent and reinforcing treatment for concrete, brick, wood, and other surfaces.
Increase lifespan & Reduce labor-intensive maintenance of surfaces, ECO PROTECT offers long-lasting protection for a wide variety of building surfaces. Benefits include increased strength & durability, anti-fouling & dirt-repellent properties. Our formulations are hydrophilic and based on natural ingredients to help reduce harmful chemical use and labor-intensive maintenance.

Increased strength & durability, | Anti-fouling & dirt-repellent properties |Less cost for you, and less cost for the environment.


  • Dirt Repellency & Self Cleaning: Improve the condition, and increase the longevity of the material
  • Durability & Strengthening: Increase the life expectancy of building materials & surfaces
  • Quick Dry: Less staining and fouling
  • Super Hydrophilicity: Compared to hydrophobic coatings, hydrophilicity creates an effective self-cleaning effect


  • Visual appearance: Slightly hazy, slightly blue liquid
  • Dry content: 7 wt%
  • pH: 8 – 10
  • Density: 1,1 g/cc
  • Viscosity: <50 mPa·s (as water)
  • Smell: weak


ECO PROTECT is a dirt-repellent and reinforcing treatment for absorbing mineral surfaces such as concrete, plaster and brick, and wood. Provides a super hydrophilic effect. Normal consumption is about 0,1 liter per square meter.


The surface to be treated with ECO PROTECT should be clean and dry. Apply with a low-pressure sprayer or brush. Ensure liquid is absorbed by the surface and avoid liquid buildup.
Treatment should be done at a temperature above 5°C and with no precipitation. Protect surfaces that should not be treated as stains may occur on non-absorbing surfaces. A test prior to treatment should always be carried out on an invisible surface to determine the level of possible discoloration and staining. Let surface dry before touching.


ECO PROTECT is sensitive to freezing and should be stored at 5 – 35°C in a closed container made of a non-corrosive material such as plastic. Aluminum, copper, and untreated steel should be avoided. Shelf life is at least 24 months from production under recommended storage conditions.




Eco Protect

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