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is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

ECONOMIC PAINT ECO paints contain water as a solvent and, as they are lime-based, are breathable, odorless and moisture-regulating paints, with good performance against moisture.
Suitable for exterior application on untreated mineral materials, for example plaster, lime or cement mortars, interior application also on plaster, clay, absorbent paper or layers of mineral paint. 

Economic Paint Eco paints are made from aerial lime and minerals. Environmentally friendly.


  • Breathable and moisture absorption – Permeable to water vapor
  • Odorless – No toxic substances or preservatives
  • Disinfectant – Prevents the formation of algae and fungi (thanks to its alkalinity)
  • Antistatic – It doesn’t have a static charge, so it doesn’t attract or hold dust.
  • Resistant – Lime absorbs CO2 (carbonation) from the air to transform into Calcium Carbonate, thus remaining very cohesive to the support.
  • UV rays resistant


ECONOMIC PAINT ECO paints are suitable for painting all types of interior and exterior walls in which quality matte mineral finishes are required, respecting the environment and creating healthy and highly comfortable environments (odorless, breathable, moisture-regulating, anti-static and disinfectants).


Remove dust and stains from the surface. The preparation of the support guarantees a superior quality in the final finish. To maintain the homogeneity of the paint, it is essential to beat before use.
Apply the paint in thin, even layers. Between coat and coat, wait for a drying time of about 4-6 hours (variable depending on environmental conditions).


This ink is made with mineral pigments and there may be slight variations in shade between two different batches. It is recommended
do a pre-color test between different manufacturing dates.
If environmental conditions vary greatly during application, or if it is applied to substrates with different absorbency, small chromatic variations occur.


It is recommended to use the ink within two years from the date of manufacture. Clean the ink residue from the lid and container, close
hermetically seal the bottle, store in a dry place, protected from sources of heat and frost.
Empty containers can be recycled at a green dot.




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