Expanded Insulation Corkboard

  • Expandaded Insulation Corkboard
  • Expanded Insulation Corkboard
  • Expanded Insulation Corkboard

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Expanded Insulation Corkboard

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

Solution with high performance in thermal insulation, acoustic and anti-vibration, specially indicated for application in exterior, interior and double walls; slabs; flat and sloped roofs and underfloor heating.


  • Excellent thermo-acoustic performance of the system
  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • Excellent system inertia
  • Dimensional stability of the material
  • High durability without loss of characteristics
  • Healthier natural product
  • Comfort with healthy insulation
  • Excellent breathability
  • Enables energy saving
  • Efficiency for an indefinite period

Tilt Roof with Insulation on Tread Slab, Flat Roof with Insulation on Slope, Traditional Flat Roof, Landscaped Flat Roof, Sloped Roof with Exterior Insulation on Beams, Sloped Roof with Inside Insulation between Beams, Traditional Sloped Roof with Steam Screen, Shutdown Insulated partition, Double wall with insulation completely filling the air box, Partition wall with bifacial insulation, Decoupling and filling of the core of Windows, Filling of the core of doors, Filling of the core of doors, HVAC Vibration Elimination, Copper Pipes, Dilatation Joints, Electric Radiant Floor, Traditional Radiant Floor, Floor Box Filler, Filling Wall Screed, Mosaic Floating Plate, Floating Plate with coated Interior insulation of exterior walls, Insulation of exterior walls of wood structure, Ventilated facade, Exterior facade on insulation, Double insulated wall partially filling the air box, ETICS, Formwork system lost.

Check application method suitable for each area of application.

Expanded Insulation Corkboard
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