Recycled Rubber (High Density Plates)

  • Recycled Rubber (High Density Plates)
  • Recycled Rubber (High Density Plates)
  • High Density Plate
  • High Density Plate
  • High Density Plate

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Recycled Rubber (High Density Plates)

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

High Density Plates (HDP) are innovative products composed of 100% recycled tire rubber (SBR). These products are distinguished by their high strength and impact absorption capacity. Its application is fundamental in flooring that has as great concern the maximum safety of its users. Taking into account its characteristics, this product thus becomes a piece of collective safety equipment.
In this product can be incorporated other recycled materials such as ceramics, cork, plastic, etc.


  • Resistant
  • Elastic
  • Good impact absorption
  • Draining


  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Red

Note: Other colours according to customer specifications.


  • A- 510mm (tolerance+/-2)
  • B- 510mm (tolerance+/-2)
  • C- 20mm (tolerance+/-1)

Weight: 5Kg (tolerance+/- 0.3)
Appearance: The standard product consists of a lower layer of thicker black granules. The upper part is made up of finer coloured grain, thus improving its aesthetics.

Application areas: Sports parks, gyms, physiotherapy rooms, nursing homes, recreational areas, pool borders, public tours, horse riding, cycle paths Other
Application method: The seating base for this type of flooring can be cement, asphalt or wood. Prior to application ensure that the surface is free from moisture, loose particles, oils or other substances that prevent good adhesion.

Recycled Rubber (High Density Plates)
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