Water soluble laundry bag

  • 1-8-1-600×600
  • Natural bag

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Water soluble laundry bag

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

The water-soluble laundry bag is specially designed for infection prevention purposes while handling or washing contaminated clothes. It is 100% biodegradable that does not clog the pipes while you are washing the clothes. Hospitals and other care institutions are actively incorporating water-soluble laundry bags as they are a valuable means of preventing cross-contamination.

Advantages of water-soluble laundry bag for infection control:

  • Soluble laundry bags ensure that hospital staff transport contaminated materials or equipment safely. Once linen and equipment are sealed in bags, the risk of contamination and infection is minimized.
  • The water-soluble laundry bag will be completely dissolved in water during the washing process. They will not leave any waste that may be infected, and will not pollute the water.
  • The water-soluble bag has the characteristics of antistatic, non-toxic, and biodegradable.
  • The water-soluble laundry bag has excellent air resistance.

Commercial laundry services, medical facilities, home, hotel services, prison laundry, bed bug control.

Place the water-soluble bags directly into the washing machine after filling them with contaminated clothing. The bags are composed of polyvinyl alcohol films that completely dissolve in the water when washing the clothes.

Water soluble laundry bag

Additional information

size S (660*840mm), M (710*990mm), L (914*990mm)
Colour Natural bag with red tie I Red bag with natural tie
Data sheet Water soluble laundry bag
Ficha Técnica Saco para roupa solúvel em água
Fiche de données Sac à linge soluble dans l'eau
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