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  • Eco-Asphalt-FLEX

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Eco Asphalt FLEX

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

Ecological Repair Asphalt – The most resistant

Ecological asphalt mixture made from reused tire powder. Perfect for carrying out works with a smaller thickness since it is a finer and more fluid mixture. Eco Asphalt FLEX also presents a type of finish that is smoother, more aesthetic, and much less rough; achieving the attractive “black mirror” effect.
The use of tire dust allows you to reduce the cracking of the roads and thus extend the useful life of the same. In addition to presenting a high resistance to wear, extreme weather conditions, and chemical aggression.

Perfect for all types of rehabilitation | Quick and easy application | Ecological product


  • Ready for use. Does not need prior treatment;
  • Easy to apply;
  • No need for tools;
  • Can be extended to extreme temperatures, from -30 to 50 °C;
  • It can be applied in the rain, as it repels water;
  • Once applied, it can be immediately opened to traffic, since the vehicles themselves help to cure it.


  • Long storage time;
  • Once the container is opened, we can reuse it on other occasions;
  • Organic product;
  • Due to the presence of rubber, the asphalt mixture helps to reduce the noise generated;
  • In its complete manufacturing process we generate 10 times less carbon footprint.


  • Repair of potholes in roads, streets, garages, parking lots, etc.
  • Filling of ditches, beaconing areas, signaling, repairs of sewers and manholes, etc.
  • It is recommended for any area where asphalt agglomerate must be placed and, due to its small quantity, it is not feasible to mobilize machinery for its placement.
  • It can be used on bituminous supports, concrete (previous adherence watering), gravel, etc.
  • In application areas with a surface area greater than 0.50 cm, RENEW PRI primer must be applied.


  • Clean the surface to work on.
  • Empty the bag of Eco Asphalt FLEX.
  • Expand the product in the work area.





Eco Asphalt FLEX

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