Powder Paint

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Powder Paint

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

Product based on ecological aqueous dispersions (Calcium Hydroxide, Recycled Cellulose, and Minerals).
Powder Paint is a matte finish paint, preferably indicated for interiors.

This product is sold in powder form | 5L ink pack | 15L ink pack

You can add natural pigments to get other colours


  • Radical reduction of water at the time of production of paint in the factory and in the cleaning of the equipment used.
  • Being made up of environmentally friendly products will not create any problem at all.
  • No smell, the whole tool can be washed with water as well as the packaging used
  • The water from washing tools can be dumped on the land without creating any problem, on the contrary, it will help to enrich the land.
  • If you don’t intend to use the remaining paint, just dilute it a little more and turn to the land.


Powder Paint is a matte finish paint, preferably indicated for interiors.

  • Excellent covering power
  • Good durability and rub resistance
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • Ideal for areas with stains on plaster, plasterboard, painting of stands, plaster, cork and wood, etc…
  • Available in white and light colors.


Powder Paint can be applied with a brush, brush or roller in 3 coats.


For new surfaces, surfaces must be dry and clean.
For surfaces already painted, they must be well polished and cleaned before application.


Storage stability for up to 2 years, in closed packages, protected from cold and heat.



Powder Paint

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