Eco Corkjoint


Resin bonded Eco Corkjoint consist of extremely selected cork granules securely bound together by a synthetic resin of an insoluble and molded under heat and pressure.


Essentially recommended wherever joints in concrete, brick or block work, require sealing and filling. Eco Corkjoint is a natural incorruptible and highly resilient product, suitable for filling expansion joints wherever expansion, recovery and contraction of joints are very intense. It does not extrude even when compressed to 50% of its original thickness and having a high recovery factor, it regains up to 96% when joint contraction takes place, therefore ensuring joint perfect seal at all the times.

Successful uses in Interior joints, Roads, Bridges and Traffic Surfaces, External Walling and Cladding.

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Self-expanding Eco Corkjoint

Self-expanding cork fillers are an exclusive ECOPAINT Corporation formulation, produced with clean granulated cork particles securely bound together with a synthetic resin. The product expands upon exposure to moisture and weather to develop an interference pressure seal within the concrete joint. It is particularly used for sealing the expansion joints in water structures, irrigation canals, culverts, dams, reservoirs, sea walls, docks sewage works, swimming pools, water treatment and storage structures, besided others.


Water Retaining Structures:
Suitable for filling expansion joints in irrigation canals, culverts, dams, reservoirs, sea walls, sewage works, water treatment, swimming pools, storage structures, subways and basements.
Eco Corkjoint is unaffected by temperature variations and prepared to support different atmospheric conditions without physical alterations. It is unaffected by rodents, fungi and bacteria. It is very easy to install.

Learn more about the Self-expanding Eco Corkjoint here

Eco Corkjoint

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