Garden Benches

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Garden Benches

is developed by ECOPAINT Corporation and is an ECO Product.

• By combining the low cost of installation with no maintenance, the recycled plastic profiles and their articles have a life cycle cost much lower than that of ordinary steel or wood;
• Resistant to corrosion and vandalism, does not rot and is unalterable;
• Lighter than steel, about 1/3 of its weight;
• Insulation;
• Insensitive to water, moisture, and chemical agents;
• Robustness;
• Available in various colours;
• Maintenance free, easy to wash and disinfect;
• Non-slip;
• Reliable by parasites and fungi;
• Resistant to shock, rupture and abrasion;
• Low installation costs;
• Low ratio of initial investment/duration of life;
• Can be sawn, planed, machined, nailed, screwed and painted.

Garden Benches
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